I M P a r t y - V I

December 31 - January 3

Once again it's time for a few days of ircing, drinking, laughing, pokering.. well frankly, it's time for a good time!
This winters IMParty will take place in Grangesberg of Dalarna as it has the last five times. IMParty 6 will remind very much of the earlier winter-IMP's. Why change a winning and working concept? :)

Anyway, here's some facts about IMParty for those of you who might be wondering.

Happenings at IMParty 6!

  • The worst cablemess your eyes will ever come to see (this happens every time..)
  • Get a neural shock from the cold toiletseats!
  • Sleepless nights, as evls snoring will make you wonder how he can sleep himself.
  • Direct electronic-superhighway line. (28800 bps to be exact) ;)
  • Have a good laugh when Ham's car will refuse to start.(never happend, Ham)
  • If you're lucky; experience extreme cold and snowy weather (this is where our .uk friends come to help with snow shuffeling).
  • Get skinned in poker, evl needs money!
  • Celebrate New Year! Bring the champange and beers :-)
  • Break the IMP IRC record? It's 24 hours nonstop now.
  • Meet lots of the #atari people.
  • See NoCrew doing.. ..yes you guessed it.. ..NoThing.

Eating, sleeping...

  • There is a rather ok pizza/burger/kebab place in 200 meters distance from the partyplace.
  • For more resturants and regular food shops, it's approx 15 mins walking distance, or one minute with car.
  • There is a complete kitchen in the partyhouse that you can use.
  • Sleeping is done upstairs in the partyhouse, we'll see to it so evl get's a shielded off sleepingplace so you all can get a few minutes in dreamland.

Getting there.

Finding your way to IMParty isn't very difficult, as we've got our hands on the teleporter they use in Startrek we can simply beam you over here in a matter of seconds!
This machinery is still untested though, and we're gonna start testing it with NoCrew. If something goes wrong, we still have the traditional way of traveling. Coming to IMParty is possible by car, train or airplane.
As we don't have a private Jet or/and a private airport we require you to tell us how you have planned your flight so we can pick you up. The nearest airport to IMParty is "Dala Airport" approx 60 Km away.
If you come by train, you should order your ticket to "Grangesberg" and tell us the time of your arrival so we can pick you up at the railwaystation.
If you however come by car (recomended), you should try to find a place named "Ludvika" on the map. Approx 200 Km west of Stockholm. Some 15 Km south of Ludvika is the very small village "Grangesberg". When you have come this far, you need to find the house as well, which is well easy!
It's located near the main road (clearly visible), and there ain't many other houses around either. However, click here to download a map over Grangesberg.

Before you jump into your car and start going here, be sure you will report your arrival to IMParty organisers, so we can keep track of the number of visitors to expect. We are very short on space and if you come without reservation, we can't guarentee a place for you and you computer.

Contacting the organisers:

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